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Pastor Terry Robinson
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Group Mission Trips and Eastern York Workcamp Initiative are teaming up to Fix some homes in the area in June 2018 CLICK HERE for more information.
Sunday Message Series for Lent
Jesus has been called many things: prophet, teacher, man, God. But who did He say He was? Jesus claims His divinity by using the phrase “I Am” multiple times, joining the phrase to tremendous metaphors, expressing His saving relationship toward the world and showing that He is everything we need. Join us for a new message series during the Sundays of Lent: “I Am: Jesus in His Own Words. Message titles and Scriptures are:

Feb 18   “I Am the Bread of Life”    John 6:30-40
Feb 25   “I Am the Light of the World”    John 8:12-18
Mar 4    “I Am the Good Shepherd”    John 10:1-18
Mar 11   “I Am the Resurrection & the Life”    John 11:17-28
Mar 18   “I Am the Way, the Truth & the Life”    John 14:1-6
Special Lenten Services Scheduled:

Beginning with the Ash Wednesday service on February 14th, we will conduct mid-week Lenten services each Thursday through March 22th. The theme for the services is “Journey of Stones” which will explore the use of stones throughout Jesus’ ministry. All services will start at 7:00 p.m. Dates, church location, message title and background Scripture are listed below:
Feb 14 (Ash Wednesday) Pleasant Grove “Written in Stone” Exodus 32:1-24
Feb 22 Water’s Edge “Rejected Stones” Mark 12:1-12
Mar 1 Pleasant Grove “Sticks and Stones” John 8:1-11
Mar 8 Water’s Edge “Hearts of Stone” Luke 11:37-52
Mar 15 Pleasant Grove “Upon This Rock” Matt. 16:13-20
Mar 22 Water’s Edge “The Cornerstone” Matt. 21:33-43
Mar 25 (Palm Sunday) Both Churches “Crying Stones” Luke 19:29-40
Holy Week Services:
Holy Week might be the conclusion of the Lenten season, but it is only the beginning for those of us who call ourselves followers of Jesus. He went from be welcomed to Jerusalem via a parade to being whipped, spit upon and nailed upon a cross. Join us for these services as we prepare for His crucifixion and resurrection.

March 29       (Holy Thursday) “Stones to Bread”                      Matt 4:1-11
March 30       (Good Friday) “Encounter on Golgotha Road”       Mark 15:16-26
April 1           (Easter Dawn) “He Has Risen, Just as He Said”    Matt. 27:57-28:8
April 1           (Regular Service) “Too God to Be True!”                Matt 28:1-8
APRIL 30, 2018